Father’s Day Reflections


Every Father’s Day it makes me think about how thankful I am of good ole dad, and think back on the many fishing memories we have together.

I grew up on the water in Marblehead, Massachusetts fishing early mornings & late evenings with my fisherman hero. I would watch in awe as Striper feeds hit the surface, lasting minutes, or sometimes hours, and caught Stripers too big for me to hold. I was hooked very early on—thank you dad.

I remember watching him at a young age thinking he had such finesse and beauty with each cast. As I got older, my passion for fishing continued to grow, narrowing in on fly fishing. My dad who has always been a fly fisherman showed me the way.

Together we’re hopeless optimists always seeking the next adventure and next fish. Fly fishing has allowed me to explore so many different places in the world, with people I love, and meeting people I’ll never forget (thinking of you Old Soul Tom who taught me to ‘quarter the water’). My dad and I have traveled the world together to fly fish and we’re only just getting started. There are a specific few that come to mind…

  • El Pescador Lodge in Belize looking for the ‘Grand Slam’: Bonefish, Tarpon, & Permit (I can check two off that list). I remember starting every morning with a breakfast burrito on board for fuel and of course a Belikin (the local beer of choice) and spending the day landing endless Bonefish and a couple Permit each.
  • Minipi Lodge in Labrador was a special trip to my father because he had been to the same lodge with his dad in his twenties who has since passed. The average Brook Trout in Labrador ranges from 5-6lbs, and my dad landed an 8lber during our week there! We were in heaven together fishing cross river from one another with giant smiles on our faces. We explored rivers that had never been touched and landed by sea plane to get there. That’s what cool about fly fishing—it’s never just about the catch. It’s about the journey and the adventure. We’ll never forget this trip, the food was questionable, but the locals were nice, and the Brookies were unreal.
  • Ashville, North Carolina where it rained for three straight days, but we basked in every bit of it catching endless Rainbow and Brook Trout.
  • The Florida Keys, where our hunt for landing a Tarpon continues.
  • And of course, Marblehead, Massachusetts where we still fish together most mornings before work in the summertime and evenings when the wind has settled and tides are just right.

I’m so fortunate to have been given this gift. I can’t wait to pass the gene on some day to a future fly fishing tot, packed up in my backpack headed out for an adventure of exploration and endless fish. Did I mention my future husband also loves fly fishing? He of course has been there along the way with each excitement and “trophy fish” no matter how big or small. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. You guys rock.


  1. That is so awesome your father had gotten you into fishing. My father was the same, both fishing for trout locally or fishing for Stripers and Bluefish down in “Quonnie”. I now have a 1 year old Grandaughter that will soon learn to fish too.

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