WKF Weekly Wrap-Up 5/17/16

Team Why Knot members continue to catch fish throughout the Northeast. The fishing continues to pick up throughout the states. Bigger bass are moving out of the Chesapeake and Hudson River and heading north.

We were pumped to have a great turnout to our 3rd Annual Fishing Season Launch Party here on the North Shore last Friday night.  We were joined by many awesome local companies, charter captains and anglers.  We had a great night of fishing talk followed by a free raffle for all attendees at the end of the night!

This coming weekend a number of us will be competing in the 2016 Cheeky Fly Fishing Schoolie Tournament help in Cape Cod. This is a one day, fly fishing tournament, teams of two, longest combined 4 fish wins.  Matt & Joe were pumped to place 2nd last year out of 71 teams, and this year TeamWhyKnot will look to get as many teams on the podium as possible with a MUCH larger tournament field.


Jamaica Bay Kayak Tournament

This past weekend I finally got to fish the Jamaica Bay Kayak Tournament. I had a blast there and got to meet a lot of great people. A bunch of us from CT met up and took the trip down early Thursday and we arrived about 6am. After unloading we wasted no time getting on the water, and by 8am we were out pre-fishing. We stayed out until noon and headed back in for some lunch and laughs. After filling up on some great grilled food we ended up heading back out in the water at about 5 for theevening bite. That was a good call because we hammered the Gator Bluefish. I was just hoping that they would still be around the next day when the tournament started.

Of course they weren’t and on Friday the first day of the tournament I ended up with the skunk! The fish had vanished from the spot that had produced the day before.

The next day me and my buddy Ryon decided to take a chance and drive a few miles away and fish some different water with a buddy of mines from New York. That decision paid off because we found some bunker and a few bass in that area. I ended up landing a 33 and a 38 inch bass and my boy Ryon landed a 34 inch bass. Overall it was a good trip and I really enjoyed myself. Cant wait for the next one!
– Team Why Knot Capt. Shawn Barham





What a great time of year to be a fisherman.

Keeper Stripers from shore, big Largemouth in freshwater ponds, Squid off the docks and Blackfish via speargun were all on the menu for me this past week. Did not get a chance to try for CT Pike or RI Fluke and/or Winter Flounder, but those would have been available options as well. The highlight of this past week was spearfishing in South County, Rhode Island. I wasn’t sure what to expect being my first dives of the year, but the amount of fish and bait was incredible. Limits of big Blackfish were easy to come by and we also saw a good amount of bigger bass swimming by, well over keeper size.
– Team Why Knot Sean Kearney





Captain Bobby Tambascio, of TamBass Charters, was able to get in a little fishing while working on the Tugboat in NYC and got this nice bass!

TamBass Tug Bass


TeamWhyKnot Capt. Jeff Lomonaco continues to get out almost everyday of the week, and had some fun mixing it up this week with a few Bluefish in the back bays.

Jeff Lomonaco Blue


Fishing this Sunday in the Peconic Bay off the cost of Long Island was nothing short of fantastic when it came to Porgy fishing with sea clams.  On the boat I was on, 14 of the 20 people on the boat had their limit of fish to take home.  Tons of porgy flooded the bay and some, Bluefish, Striped Bass and quite a few Sea Robins in the mix as well.  5 huge Black Seabass and Fluke were caught as well, but they weren’t season so they went back into the ocean.
– Team Why Knot Capt. Ryan Larkum


Upstate New York

The best time of year in our waters. One day I’m catching Steel the next we’re doing work on Bass and big fat Pike!
– Team Why Knot Capt. Kyle Gordon



Went to 1000 islands New York this weekend with Mike Tripp and Kyle Gordon of Why Knot Fishing and got into quite a few freshwater species including Pike, Musky, Largemouth Bass , and Smallmouth with less than desirable conditions. Fish were hitting everything from big streamers, to stick baits, and top water poppers.
Team Why Knot Chuck Yauch 





With the nice weather around we had some really good fishing this past week as the fish were a lot more aggressive and willing to bite. With that said, I still began a trip early last week fishing 9″ slug-gos rigged on a Joe Baggs SPJ jig-head at sunrise; and fished the sunset that same day slamming fish on top-water pencil poppers. It is amazing what one day of warm sunshine can do! As the weekend approached so did the heavier winds and this kept me off the water for longer than I would’ve wanted. There are some serious fish beginning to setup in Connecticut waters and I look forward to getting on some heftier fish in the coming weeks.
Team Why Knot Capt. Bobby Nagy


image1 (3)


The cool weather and lack of sun for 6 days last week finally gave way to some beautiful days and got our water temps up to where they should be this time of year. In turn, the fish people have been getting on jigs are now hitting on the surface. Bigger fish are moving in everyday and more reports of high 30 inch to low 40 inch fish are being reported on the CT coastline. Cobra Bait 9 Inch sad shads in pearl did most the damage for me but pencils and large spooks also produced very well. The shad run is in full swing and the herring numbers this season have been terrific in our local rivers and tributaries. Which is a testament to our state and the work they have done to protect these fish by creating more fish ladders and removing more dams. Its working! With this amount of bait around and adult bunker showing up more and more everyday this season looks to be one for the books. Tight lines
– Team Why Knot Capt. Joe Jacobowitz


Sad Shad on the menu!



RI Freshwater
Smallmouth and Largemouth bites are in their prime at the moment. Spawn is occurring in most waters. Water temperatures are mostly between 58 and 64 degrees depending on the body of water. The fish are as about as shallow as they get, and in many clear body’s of water where spawn is in full swing, sight fishing will occur. This is when you really don’t want to forget your polarized sunglasses at home; I’d personally give my Costa Sunglasses 99% of the credit for catching fish lately. With warmer weather in the forecast enjoy the special time of year while it lasts!
TeamWhyKnot  Capt. Gabe Dispoto

image1 (1)




Martha’s Vineyard, MA

With the water temp climbing the Martha’s Vineyard bite has heated up drastically over the past week with fish being caught up to and over 30″. My brother Ryan, Stavros Viglas and myself have been chasing schools of bass in the estuaries around the coast and in saltwater ponds with great results on fly rods and small top water plugs.
 Team Why Knot Joe Uva




Recent cinder worm hatch has the bite red hot for both fly and spin fishermen. Bass up to 35 inches. Tons of action off the beaches, birds and large schools of baitfish work the south side of the Island. Bluefish should be here any day!
Team Why Knot Stavros Viglas 






Cape Cod, MA 

Cape Cod is heating up as expected, but once again Mother Nature played a big part! Wind made it tough on the beach front trying to spot fish and to get on bait big blues showed up this week on the south side so get out there on some top water fun! As for the bass, schoolie stripes continue to swarm the cape shorelines with that occasional line screamer mixed in! So get out there and enjoy what the spring run has to offer!
Team Why Knot Ryan Nee

The Al Gags Whip-It fish does the trick!


The topwater bite picked up last week in the south side of Cape Cod. The fish seemed more aggressive with some larger fish mixed in and plenty of small keepers. The week prior saw mostly schoolies that seemed to want small soft plastics, but this past week there were more consistent keeper size fish willing to hit topwater lures aggressively. The bite by no means exploded, but with the thickness of the bait in that area, we are primed for a couple great weeks of action. I’d expect that this week 20lb+ fish will be a strong possibility on the Cape. Smack-it poppers and spooks have been working well on top, and for more finicky fish you can’t go wrong with soft plastics that imitate herring.
Team Why Knot Danny Guagagnoli

North Shore, MA

The bite continues to get better, throughout the week the bite stayed strong especially in the mornings and evenings. With the water temps on the rise, the fish are becoming more active and have been hammering topwater plugs. The fly rod still remains strong and seems to be outfishing the spin rods. I have been using a home made olive & white “clouseiver” (clouser/deciever mix). I ended up finishing the weekend off with a healthy 30″ fish on the LIVE L2Fish board.

We are all anxiously waiting for those 20lb+ class fish to hit our local waters. If only we could catch a break from mother nature. This last weekend was extremely windy, which made it difficult to get out out on water. It looks like things will be shaping up over the next day or two.

Matt Zimmermann



Early in the week I got out in Boston Harbor with my friend Mikey, his fiancee Sam, and my wife to take a nice early season boat ride.  Of course we brought along the fishing rods, and although we weren’t expecting anything, we each caught a fish, including the first of the year on topwater!

Later in the week I got my brand new 2016 Hobie Outback on the water and was able to effectively fish the rips by some bridges in a local river thanks to my Mirage Drive allowing me to stay in the current without getting swept through the bridge pilings.
Joe Gugino

boston harbor bass

Christina bass
Why Knot take your wife fishing?!
hobie bass 1
Hobie, Cheeky, St. Croix & Al Gags – Winning Combo!

I joined Skip Montello to fish with the New England Saltwater Fly Rodders. We had a great morning catching, including my first striper of the year on the fly, along with a few others on Al Gag’s whip it fish, and SP Minnows.
Team Why Knot Capt. Alicia Rossman



Bigger bass have moved into the North Shore. There getting bigger by the day. Hope everyone has a great season!
Team Why Knot Danny Savage


In the North Shore, I started to fish around 9am during the top of outgoing tide on a pier. I couldn’t get a bite because the wind was blowing so hard and my bait wasn’t staying on the bottom. I decided to change spots to find cover from the wind. The second I got my line in, I started to catch micro and midsize schoolies ranging from 8″ to 18″. I didn’t get a bite from any flounder but since it was about to be slack tide, I decided to stay for the incoming. The minute that tide turned, the bite was on. My first double flounder were keepers, around the 14-15″ range. The flounder bite was on until halfway through the incoming tide. After that, not even a crab bite… Lolz
Team Why Knot Michael “Magoo” Philavong



Ipswich Bay

Captain Mike Hart of Ipswich Bay Angling landed quality fish all week long, even including a few keepers on the fly!

ipswich bay angling bass
Doubled up!

Plum Island
It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon when my cousin Robb, our friend Mike, and myself stepped aboard Capt. Chris’s (Manolin Charters) beautiful 24ft Parker Center Console. Expectations were high, as we had been catching huge numbers of schoolie stripers from the surf all week.
Capt. Chris didn’t disappoint and we were faced with nonstop action almost all afternoon. Although the fish were small, we were well compensated with tremendous numbers. We caught over 40 fish combined in our short 3 hours of fishing. Capt. Chris was busy keeping the boat from washing up on the beach as well as taking our numerous fish off the hook. He was able to keep up with our catching even when we were pulling in our numerous double ups.
The afternoon was a great way to get out and do some early season striper fishing. We will definitely be joining Capt. Chris on another one of his charters very soon. We will have a tough time choosing between targeting large striped bass in June or a shark trip in July. Maybe we will have to do both!
– TeamWhyKnot Dean Legg




Western Mass Report

Western Massachusetts fishing has been heating up. The State’s trout stocking has been completed. Fish that are in catch & release waters have probably had an opportunity to get smart after being hooked. Once this happens, don’t be afraid to drop down to 7x tippet. You will notice a sharp increase in strikes if you have your fly offering dialed in. There are multiple species of Mayfly, Caddis, Stonefly and Midge that are hatching in local rivers offering a wide variety of fly choices for you. Pheasant tails, Walt’sWorms, Caddis Pupa, and the always-reliable San Juan Worm have been my choice top flies with a dropper of a Midge pattern or soft-hackle flies like a Partridge & Orange.

With the shad, herring, and menhaden running in the rivers to spawn, Striped Bass up to 20lbs are being taken in the Connecticut River by both boat and shore fishermen. Chunk baits fished on bottom and plugs like SP Minnows, Sebile Magic Swimmers, and a variety of topwater poppers are routinely catching fish.

As a result of the regularly warmer temperatures we experience compared with those of you near the coast, our smallmouth and largemouth are a few weeks into their spawning period. Big females are being caught on the beds while males are being taken from the edges. Just be sure to release them as quickly as possible so that they can protect their bed from nest-raiders like bluegill. This weekend’s weather forecast looks great with temps in the mid-to- upper 70’s, low winds, and 0% chance of rain. If you get out to fish; Good Luck, Stay Safe, and Tight Lines!
– Team Why Knot Capt. Patrick Barone




TeamWhyKnot Capt. Tom Mcintosh got out on the freshwater in search of some big Largemouth Bass on big swimbaits.  He was rewarded with a nice Bass… and a big surprise!

Tom Nice Yak Bass

Tom Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtles like Swimbaits too!




There is a whispering that the Stripers may have started to show up in Maine, but in the meantime TeamWhyKnot Capt., and President of the UMAINE Fishing Club, Cody Rubner, snuck out and caught a few nice Smallmouth on the fly.

Cody Smallmouth


We hope you enjoyed reading this weeks Weekly Wrap-Up, and wish you the best of luck on the water this week!

If you ever want to contribute to this, shoot us an email whyknotfishing@gmail.com.

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