Weekly Wrap-Up 5/10/16

Finally, the winters over! The cold weather seems like it has passed, and the fish are everywhere! We have all been waiting for this for months, and it is finally here. Here are a few of the reports and tactics that have been working for our team throughout New England.




I had a moment of what TeamWhyKnot is all about the other day. I was on the beach doing the bluefish thing and 3 young kids that are all into the sport recognized me. I was talking to them about fishing and the potential they have if they dedicate themselves. I went on to talking to them about having respect for the fish and nature. They started messaging me on Facebook talking fishing and stuff. One of them said he wants to start fly fishing because of the cool stuff I post. This really is what its all about. Having a positive influence on the world through your fishing and becoming a role model for the future anglers of the world. It’s the best feeling when a kid says that they look up to you.

The Striped Bass bite has heated up quite a bit this past week. I’ve been out at least once a day with mostly schoolies being caught and a couple of decent fish. They all seem to be fresh arrivals from the ocean, awesome colors on them! Oh yeah, bruiser Bluefish have invaded too. They’re peeling drags, breaking lines, and destroying lures wherever they go. Get out on the water and bend the rod!

– Team Why Knot Captain, Jeff Lomonaco







Meanwhile, our captains Chuck Yauch, Kyle Gordon, and Mike Trifiletti have been crushing the freshwater game in Western, NY . Pre-spawn Largemouth Bass fishing has been outstanding along with the Pike and spring Steelhead bite.







The micro bass are all over CT, covered in see lice and chewing hard on small soft plastics (Al Gags & Cobra Baits). Over the last few days there have been a number of fish taken on topwater. With temperatures on the rise, things should only get better!

Hit the water this weekend and found small baitfish which included peanut to medium sized bunker everywhere. The bite really turned on as the sun began to set. Schoolies to small keeper sized fish were crushing small pencil popper type plugs. At one point it was a fish or at least a few blowups every cast! Nothing beats a good topwater bite! We should start seeing some bigger fish and gator Blues soon with all the bait that is around.

Team Why Knot Captain, Mike Kelley

The week of dreary whether has increased flows coming out of tidal rivers which has the holdovers and new arrival schoolies and even some nice keepers hungry. However, the rain has created very turbid water conditions across the board, causing the hours of daylight to be more productive; in turn leaving the 3rd shift anglers working harder to get strikes.
Team Why Knot Captain, Bob Nagy


Team Why Knot Joe Diorio – Cobra Baits “Sad Shad” for the win!
247Lures Fish Stick

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Cape Cod, MA 

Hit some spots all across the board this weekend. Cape Cod bay is starting to see great numbers of bass. Primarily small to mid 20″ fish, but we got to work a couple schools of fish that were well over 30″ that gave us some great early season action. Small Al Gag’s jig and fly fishing with small clousers were the ticket. With warmer temps coming bigger bass should be working in each day.

Team Why Knot, Ryan Nee 



Martha’s Vineyard, MA 

The Stripers have been active along the beaches. Keepers are now being caught, and the top water bite is heating up!

Team Why Knot, Stavros Viglas 





We finally got our first good week of consistent fish. Over the last few days tons of fresh and healthy stripers have made their way into the bays, harbors, and local estuaries. From Boston, to the North Shore, and all the way up the Plum Island the fishing is heating up…fast!

Last year at this time we were hooking up with out first fish here in the North Shore. This year, we have already had a steady week of action, and already have landed some fat and close to keeper size fish. Best part, all on the fly rod. May is one of the best times to target fish on the fly.  During this time of the year the water is still very cold. The fish like slow presentations (short quick strips), smaller baits, and with the fly it is a lot easier to get a fish to eat. 8 wt rods, intermediate lines, and olive/white clousers have been the hot ticket. The best tides to target these fish are during the last few hours of the outgoing tide, or first few of the incoming. We like to target fish on the edge of flats where there is moving water, for example O’Bear Park in Beverly. Fish with confidence and think about where you are fishing; target points, drop offs, and structure.

–  Matt Zimmermann 

I always look for spots with structure that has a strong current which creates rip tides. Bass love sitting in those pockets. I been doing very well on 4 inch storm shads and 6 inch sp-minnows.

– Team Why Knot, Danny Savage



Matt with a healthy early season striper on the fly
Team Why Knot Capt Jenny Tatelman with her first striper on the fly while wading


Traveled to  MA to fish new waters in RAW conditions. Found the Largemouth cruising in and out of the shallows in the search of the perfect spots to make their spawning beds. Connected with this 5lb 8oz on a black and blue Veracity bait jig.

Team Why Knot Captain, Sean Caron





Most mothers when asked what would they like to do on Mothers Day would say they might like to have a nice brunch or go for a walk on the beach…. my Mom wanted to go fishing. How could I refuse?!

We targeted trout at a local river in Southern Maine and caught quite a few brookies and one nice brown. My Mom hooked on to the brown trout and said “It’s something good!”. She thought it was a small mouth bass until she got it in closer and screeched “it’s a brown!!” She ended up catching the most fish and the biggest fish and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so blessed to be able to spend time with the people I love the most doing something I love (fishing!!). Thank you Mom for being a great example of a true lady angler.

Team Why Knot Captain, Danielle Hinkley 





Check back next Tuesday the 17th for another weekly wrap up!

And if you are interested in contributing some content, shoot us an email at whyknotfishing@gmail.com.

– Team Why Knot


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