Costa Rica: The Gear

Fly Fishing Setups

Rod: 8wt – St Croix Imperial Reel: Cheeky Mojo425   Line: Orvis 350g Sink Tip

Rod: 9wt – Orvis Helios 2     Reel: Cheeky Mojo425    Line: Rio Floating

Rod: 10wt – Orvis Clearwater Reel: Cheeky Thrash 475 Line: Rio 375g Tropical

Rod: 12wt – Orvis Clearwater Reel: Tibor Gulfstream Line: Rio 550g Billfish Shooting Head

 TeamWhyKnot Captains Jeff Feczko & Nick Jones with a lit-up Rooster in Baja

 LL Bean Adventure Duffle Bag – Perfect for traveling with multiple 4-piece fly rods


Team Why Knot captain Jeffrey Feczko is a world traveling fly fishing guide/instructor/fly tyer & photographer as well as keeper of  To The Gills. He has fished for Roosterfish in the Baja a number of times. After seeing some of the fish he has landed I reached out to see if he could whip me up some of his go to flies. Jeff tied me up a dozen of his favorites; including Dirty / Clean Mullets, and Sardine patterns.

Shoot Jeff an email if you are interested in any flies –  JEFFREYFECZKO@GMAIL.COM
 Top – Clean Mullet           Middle – Dirty Mullet            Bottom – Sardine
We will be targeting a variety of species on fly; Snook, Bonita, Roosterfish, Sailfish, Jacks, and a number of other “bycatches”.
Its good to pack a variety of flies and to be ready to match the hatch.



2 – 9′ St Crioux Triumph

2 – 11′ Ron Arra Surf Pro

2 – 5’8″ Jig Rods


Shimano Twin Power SW14000XG w/ 80lb

Van Staal 250 w/ 80lb Braid

Daiwa Saltist 6000 w/ 50# Braid

Shimano 6000D BR w/ 50lb Braid


247Lures Mully’s – Tequila Sunrise, Lime Green, Black, Bone, and Pearl
 247Lures 3oz Sea Specials –
 Topwater Plugs for Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper and Tuna  – TopFeed Tackle & Shimano Dorado Slider
 Tactical Angler Jr BombPoppers – 2oz


 Al Gag’s Whip-it Fish – 2 & 3oz –
RonZ Lures  – for Cubera Snapper, Tuna & Roosterfish
4oz 10″ Big Game     –     2oz 6″ Orgiinal Series     –  1oz 6″ Original Series
 A variety of Cobra Bait soft plastics & hooks – The Sad Shad!


Canon Rebel T4i w/ 50mm, 10-18mm, and 75-300mm lenses
GoPro4 w/ spare batteries
Mac Air 13″ w/ 1 TB EXT Storage
 The Drone!

Tomorrow is the day! We have been getting some good reports from local guides and captains. And also just found out we will have access to kayaks! With weather in the high 80’s and low 90’s, protecting ourselves from the sun will be critical. Buffs, sunglasses, UPF shirts, and lots of sunscreen will be essential.

Ive never been so excited for a trip. For years, I have dreamed about going to Costa Rica. Now, with our network, and friends my dream is a reality. I am hoping for a chance at a Pacific Sail as well as a Roosterfish, on the fly!

Tight Lines,


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