Month: March 2016

5 Expert Kayak Tips For Every Weekend Warrior

Stop fishing like everyone else and become top rod on the water with these expert tips. Photos: Ben Duchesney 5 Expert Tips For Every Weekend Warrior TAKE YOUR SKILLS TO THE NEXT LEVEL AND BECOME AN EXPERT. WRITTEN BY BEN DUCHESNEY Most anglers fall in between the categories beginner and expert, but no one wants […]

Oregon Winter Steelhead

Oregon Winter Steelhead WKF CAPTAIN SEAN KEARNEY: As the Winter Steelhead season here in Oregon marches on, most anglers start shifting their focus towards “Springers”, or Spring run Chinook Salmon. This excites me quite a bit as it takes some of the pressure off of the Steelhead water during maybe the best month of the […]

Costa Rica: New Species, New Challenges

Prior to leaving I always like to read and speak to as many people as possible in order to get their tips, input, hear their experiences in order to be fully prepped and packed for the trip. Instagram and our Why Knot Fishing network are great ways to get good info, and things like this truly highlight the benefit […]

Costa Rica: The Gear

Fly Fishing Setups Rod: 8wt – St Croix Imperial Reel: Cheeky Mojo425   Line: Orvis 350g Sink Tip Rod: 9wt – Orvis Helios 2     Reel: Cheeky Mojo425    Line: Rio Floating Rod: 10wt – Orvis Clearwater Reel: Cheeky Thrash 475 Line: Rio 375g Tropical Rod: 12wt – Orvis Clearwater Reel: Tibor Gulfstream Line: Rio 550g Billfish Shooting […]

Capefish Fly Tying Night – Why Knot

FLY TYING NIGHT – 3/9  – NEXT ONE 3/30 There’s nothing better than catching fish on flies you’ve tied, at least that’s what everyone tells me. Last night was my second time ever tieing and lets just say I’m addicted. It’s a lot easier than one might think. If you are thinking about giving it a try, […]

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